Rumors that Netflix would include video games came true just a few weeks ago when the company's account in Poland echoed the arrival of these contents on the platform.

Now you no longer need to reside in the Western European country near the Baltic Sea to enjoy video games on Netflix. The official account of Netflix Spain has just announced that they are already available in our country .

The arrival of the games has been set for this day, so we will not have to wait to get the glove. The titles that arrive are five, do not expect big productions or games for consoles.

The titles that arrive are the following: "Stranger Things: 1984", "Stranger Things 3: The Game", "Card Blast", "Teeter Up" and "Shooting Hoops" . As we have said they are not first class titles, but it is still curious that they appear on Netflix .

Netflix already has video games and you can access them as follows

For the games to appear, the first thing to do is have the Netflix application updated, although this does not ensure that they appear within the streaming platform. At the moment they will begin to appear in a staggered manner and only on Android mobiles .

But perhaps in the not too distant future Netflix will be able to rival other services such as Apple Arcade, Stadia or Xbox Game Pass, which for a long time was known precisely as "the Netflix of video games . "

If you are lucky, a menu will appear within the application in which the games offered by Netflix will be shown. And, although the logical thing is to think that they can be played directly from the app, the truth is that they cannot.

When you click on the video game icon, what will happen is that the Google application store will open. Access will be direct to the game in the Play Store , from there it can be downloaded in order to enjoy the title on the device.

The truth is that it would have been much more interesting if this step did not exist, but it would be complex for Netflix to host this game in the cloud so that users can play without having to install anything.

We will have to see the evolution of this type of content, Netflix may really be encouraged to compete with Google's Stadia or Amazon's Luna. Only time has the answer for this.